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Biden & Manchin: A Tag Team Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine

The two Joes! Are they opposing each other? Or is President Biden and Joe Manchin (D-WV) a tag team, good cop/bad cop routine? Biden is in the process of not meeting his infrastructure goals, and it appears he has a scapegoat in Manchin as cover for not performing.

When it comes to infrastructure, Biden appears to be being rolled. He claimed it was very important he get a 6 trillion dollar package to meet our country’s needs. But he’s walked that back to 1 trillion in a meeting with GOP Senators last week. So did he radically and incompetently miscalculate the Country’s needs? Or is he just too weak to stand up to the GOP to lead this country to where we need to go.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden looks like he’s caved on most issues important to his base. And it’s way to convenient to blame Joe Manchin.

Voters ALWAYS know where the buck stops!

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