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About Bob Jean


You can put Bob Jean's 40+ years of experience to work in your political organization.

Bob is a former member of the NH House, where he was elected on both sides of the ballot; elected as both the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee.  He served on the House Ways and Means Committee. He currently owns the oldest dedicated political site in New Hampshire.

Jean learned at an early age how to win elections. He started working on former Massachusetts US Senator, Paul Tsongas' 1976 Congressional campaign that started off his love for winning elections. He has worked to elect very successful candidates that also include Barney Frank and Jeanne Shaheen and many other statewide candidates in multiple states, including many other Governors, US Senators, and members of Congress.

Jean combines his first sociology major, where he specialized in the sociology of campaigns, campaign marketing, and political polling, with his accounting degree to build a powerful political elections skill set.

If you want to win, Bob Jean is the exact person you want on your political team.

Contact him today!  Winning matters!

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