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Fundraising Facts…

Keep These Fundraising Facts In Mind When You Plan Your Fundraising Campaign

1. During the last three days of the year, 12% of all giving takes place. That’s right. So you may want to focus your advertising efforts or put out a campaign during that time.

2. 12% of a non-profit’s donors account for 88% of the dollars raised. Existing donors are your best future donors. They’ve already believed in your mission once and have contributed, so why would they not give again? They do.

3. One-third of revenue from online fundraising comes from email. Don’t underestimate the power of email. You may think it is something that people just glance through or don’t even look at, but if you keep your emails short and sweet, people will read them. It is much easier to catch up with what an organization is working on when a message is sent directly to you then when you have to search through social media or their webite to figure that out. Email is a great way to keep in contact with existing donors and capture future donors.

4. An organization raises $612 for every 1,000 people that visit their website. This is a great fact to know especially if you plan on conducting advertising that is driven to your website. This statistic can help you determine the ROI of advertising if you have no prior statistics to base it off.


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