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PollBite.com Mission

Pollbite works and provides campaign products to elect the best and brightest progressive candidates to the US Congress and Senate. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Republicans have become the racist Party. They are fighting to keep Congress male and white, and they clearly care more about meeting their racist goals than they care about the issues of governing.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. But the best way to win is with women candidates, and particularly women candidates of color. They’re not only more electable than old, boring, white males now, they are also the best way to make cultural change because of their example. And that is our primary target: Elect more women of color to Congress.

We offer many different technical services; accounting, FEC filings, social media, websites, and ecommerce. We also manage Super-PACS that raise our candidate’s favorability, and those Super-PACS mostly specialize in raising our candidates’ opponents’ negatives so Democrats don’t have get into the mud with them.

Please help our associated Super-PACs if you can.


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