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Political Consulting

For Candidates and Super PACs
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Our Consulting Services

We are in the process of updating our services list for the 2024 election seasons. 

We Manage Your Social Media & Create Websites! Is Yours Up To Date?


Don’t know where you’re going? You can’t get there unless you do.

FEC Bookkeeping

The penalties for not filing timely are expensive. MAXED OUT. We Have a Waiting List. Please Call.

Campaign Planning

Campaign plans are like bus. plans. Yes! You need one! Plan Your work, work your plan…

Targeted Marketing

Put Your resources where it counts. Targeted campaigns include, mailing lists, social media & SEO.


Opposition Research

Politics isn’t bean bag. Define Your Opponent B4 They Define You!


Polling and Analysis

Polling is market research. Don’t fly blind!  A Pollster’s agenda may be different than yours.


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Social Media

Is your social media updated regularly and systematically?  Your social media has to be a priority, not an afterthought. 

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