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Do America’s billionaires really want to support Trump, who appears to model his self-purported dictatorship similar to Russia’s Putin? Does anyone really believe Dictator Trump will be a kinder and gentler dictator than Putin once he gets complete control and total Presidential immunity?

Since the war in Ukraine began, there have been a lot of Russian billionaires and highly placed people in the Putin government and business communities who have died under very suspicious circumstances. You know. Like falling out of windows many stories high? When billionaires open their check book for Trump, they may want to think very carefully about what a fall like that would feel like if Trump ever got the urge. And he has the strangest urges that change from minute to minute. And Trump can do a 180 turn on his decisions in minutes – seconds, really – when he gets the urge. A mean tweet may be nothing like what a Dictator Trump would be like. America’s business leaders may think of Trump’s mean tweets as the good old days if he assumes complete power with total immunity.

What happened to Russian oligarchs shortly after Putin came to power? From Wikipedia:

“With the ascent of Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin the influence of the Yeltsin oligarchs dissipated, as some

were imprisoned, such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky (pictured here) and Mikhael Mirilashvili, while others emigrated, sold off their assets or died under suspicious circumstances, such as Vladimir Vinogradov and Boris Berezovsky. A number of Yeltsin oligarchs first came under fire for alleged tax evasion [24][25] Vladimir Gusinsky of MediaMost and Boris Berezovsky both avoided legal proceedings by leaving Russia, and the most prominent, Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Yukos oil, was arrested in October 2003 and sentenced to 9 years. This was subsequently extended to 14 years, and after Putin pardoned him, he was released on 20 December 2013.”

Joe Biden is not a killer and he believes in a separation between democratic governmental powers and business powers and economic markets. Trump and Putin have very similar tendencies and personality structures. Business leaders and billionaires may want to be careful for what they wish for. They just may get it.

And a Trump dictatorship may be nothing like they assume. Putin in Russia may have some glaring clues for American’s business community about Trump’s promised USA dictatorship.

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